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Pet Cremation Memorial Urn- Paw Prints Solid Brass

Product Information:

  • Individually Hand Crafted – absolutley beautiful
  • Black Pewter and Brass finish
  • Small Size – 3.25 inches high
  • Capacity – 30 cubic inches
  • suitable for a small pet of body weight approx 30 pounds or 15kg

Item Description

When a special and beloved pet passes, pet urns are a loving way to show them your respect. Pets show their love and respect for us throughout their entire life; now, it is time to pay tribute with a special memorial. Pet urns house pet cremains so that they can be kept and treasured forever. The urns can be kept in the house or buried in the garden with a flower seed.
Again the size of urn needed will be dependent on the weight of the pet. The general rule is the same as with humans, that is :
1 pound of Body Weight = 1 cubic inch of Urn Space

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