Funeral Urns Item ID: #6

Cremation Urn-Brass HAND Crafted LAST ONE SPECIAL PRICE

Product Information:

  • Hand Crafted Solid Brass
  • Brushed Brass
  • Approx 10 inches tall
  • Capacity 204 Cubic Inches
  • Suitable for ashes/cremains of adult approx 200 pounds of 100kg

Item Description

Many people are just coming round to the idea of using Urns for ashes. This is in line with current environmental responsibilities and the fact that cremation is a far cry cheaper than burial. Naturally, burial or cremation is a personal choice but the benefit of a lower cost option which is ALSO kinder to the environment is a very attractive option. Many people are choosing to keep urns in their home. There are many reasons for this including home being the best place to rest and to be close to loved ones. For many it provides consolation that their loved one is always close even if they have to move. For this reason many urns are being created in many different designs so that they can be displayed in the home. Cremation urns therefore serve a dual purpose : beautiful pieces of art that keep memories alive

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